For generations, Haapajärvi, which has surrounded the Haapaniemi family farm, has provided food and livelihood for its residents. The fish has been salted, preserved, smoked and taken to markets for sale both by boat and horse. Respecting old traditions and adding a little new, we have brought you the right local culinary taste experience. The legendary garlic pike from the restaurant of the traditional Iisalmi rural tourism farm is finally conveniently at your fingertips.

This personalized local product is perfect as a piquant gift for the banquet table and can also be applied in cooking when trying new things. You can also simply enjoy pike on fresh rye bread, for example, or as such! Whatever you think, we guarantee that the experience will not leave anyone cold! Experience the harmony marinated by gravalted pike and domestic onion plants!


Haapaniemi garlic pike

Content weight 215g of which pike 155g
Highly salty


Pike (Esox Lucius), country of origin Finland
Rapeseed oil, garlic, red onion, salt
preservatives E202 and 211

Storage 0- + 6

shelf life - see label

will remain opened for about a week in the refrigerator

Manufacturer: Haapaniemi Travel Ltd., Hotel Iisalmen Seurahuone, Savonkatu 24, 74100 Iisalmi

Tel: +358440207701, e-mail: info@haapaniemenmatkailu.fi